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Rehabilitation Code - Rhode Island


Greetings and welcome to the Rhode Island Rehabilitation Code web site. The Rhode Island Rehabilitation Code applies to many existing buildings in the state and can be viewed on this site under the "Rehabilitation Code" tab. If you would like to view or download a copy of the entire document, please click here.

Note: The Rehabilitation Code only applies to buildings in existence for at least ten (10) years prior to the application for a permit under this code (Section 101.1).

The following uses are NOT covered by the Rehabilitation Code (Section 101.1.1):

  1. Health Care Facilities
  2. Nursing Homes
  3. Child Day Care Centers
  4. Community Residences
  5. Educational Occupancies
  6. Detention and Correctional Occupancies
  7. High Hazard Occupancies
  8. One-, Two- and Three-Family Dwellings

Here's what you'll find on the Rehabilitation Building and Fire Code website:

  • Read about the Rehabilitation Code
  • Meet the Rehabilitation Code Joint Committee members
  • Check our meetings page for upcoming appeal hearings
  • View the Rehabilitation Code in its entirety
  • Interpretations
  • Decisions
  • Rehabilitation Code contact information

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with this information and will update this site as the need arises. If you should have any comments, questions or require additional information or assistance, please submit your request to us via the "Contact Us" tab.

W. Keith Burlingame, Esq.
Executive Secretary



The Board is in the process of converting to an online electronic filing format -- stay tuned!

Application forms for appeals/variances are available from the Rehabilitation Code / Fire Safety Code Board**, the State Fire Marshal's Office, the State Building Commissioner's Office or your local city or town building or fire authority. All applications must be completely filled out, signed by the Applicant (property owner or authorized representative) and the state or local building or fire authority and accompanied by the appropriate filing fee. Click here to view the filing fee schedule currently in effect.

** The Board is now accepting Application forms that can be downloaded here, however they still must be submitted to the Board with the appropriate filing fee, any supporting documents and original signatures - copies of signatures will not be accepted.



The Board will make every effort to schedule a request for an appeal hearing on the next available meeting date (See the BOARD MEETINGS page for tentative meeting dates) provided that a COMPLETE application is RECEIVED AND FILED at least seven (7) business days prior to the meeting (close of business on Friday, two weeks prior). In order for the appeal to be filed and scheduled for a hearing, the application form must be filled out completely and signed by the Applicant (property owner, authorized representative or attorney for the owner) and include any relevant documents and approvals or disapprovals from the building and/or fire officials, and the submittal of the appropriate filing fee.


You will receive notification from the Board once your application has been processed and a hearing date scheduled.



A request for public records can be made in person between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, or by telephone, letter, fax or email. You can also submit your request using the FSC Public Record Request Form found on the "Overview" page of the Fire Safety Code Board web site. This form is suggested, however not required, to request any public record maintained by the Board. If you choose not to provide any identifying or contact information, you must contact the Board's Public Records Officer to obtain a request number so that we may accurately respond to your request. See the Access to Public Records Regulations found on the "Overview" page of the Fire Safety Code Board web site for additional information.



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